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Car Body; Body Kits, Paint and Vinyl Wrapping

From unique one-off parts in a range of materials including aluminium and carbon fibre, to the very best complete body kits sourced from around the globe, Larman of London is able to improve your car’s original design by offering you a range of added distinctions and enhancements.

If this isn’t enough, our team can design and manufacture smaller unique pieces or one-off complete body transformations to ensure your vehicle is distinct, individual and stylish, while in keeping with the car’s original design.

Once your vehicle body has the details that makes it distinctly yours, we can use a number of finishes. We can paint the vehicle using a super-abundance of colours and finishes. Or if you’d prefer, we can offer vinyl wrapping. This gives you the option to revert back to the factory colour at a later date, or easily change the colour again in the future.

Please contact us with your specific requirements.

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